One Starry Night (Special Edition)

Kevin Yost

2 x CD (1999) - Distance Music / Zomba
(Di 1223)

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House / Jazz

One Starry Night
Round Bout Midnight
Dreams Of You
Unpredictible (U)
Love (Interlude)
If She Only Knew
On My Way
Hypnotic Progressions (Part II)
Outa Space
15 Dreams
The Things We Do
Sunset: Secrets
If She Only Knew (Todd Edwards' She Only Knew Disco Edit)
One Starry Night (STP's Teapot Laid Back Version)
One Starry Night (Peter Funk's 001 Version)
If She Only Knew (Shazz's Revenge Of The 80's Remix)
One Starry Night (Funk's Drum n Bass Kettle Version)
If She Only Knew (Todd Edwards' She Only Knew Disco Remix)
One Starry Night (Extended Version)

Roger Sanchez
Derrick May
Kruder & Dorfmeister

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Yost For You
Kevin Yosts magiske arbeid bak platespillere gjør seg best i levende live.
- Tom-Erik Lønnerød, 01.11.01