Gjesteliste: Jaymz Clements

Jaymz Clements er redaktør for musikkbladet Beat Magazine i Melbourne, Australia, og kjenner konstant på pulsen til den australske musikkscenen mer enn noen andre. Det har alltid vært fruktbart for musikk down under, og det aller meste kommer seg aldri ut av det svært så isolerte landet. Derfor ba vi Clements lage en liste over de ti beste australske platene fra 2009.

1.Love of Diagrams - Nowhere Forever

CD (Unstable Ape)
One of the finest albums of the year, Australian or no. Kinda like a mash between Sonic Youth and Magic Dirt, but with even more scuzz and a greater ear for a sly pop melody. By turns it’s mesmerizing, brutal and all-round perfect.
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2.Lost Valentinos - Cities Of Gold

CD (Universal / etcetc)
They’ve called it ‘conquista-disco’ – you can call it awesome. Lost Valentinos finally lived up to their potential with Cities Of Gold, an entrancing meld of psychedelia, raved-up-post-punk and indie-disco that blows the mind while getting you dancing.
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3.The UV Race - The UV Race

CD (Aarght!)
Brutal garage punk from the oppressed underbelly of country Victoria – frontman Marcus is one of the most riveting singers you’ll ever witness, and their debut is a scorching, take-no-prisoners punk rollercoaster.
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4.The Temper Trap - Conditions

CD (Liberation / Infectious)
The shimmering, gigantic debut from the best band to come out of Australia since... um... INXS? The Vines? Whatever – The Temper Trap are amazing. Your new favourite band.
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5.Yves Klein Blue - Ragged & Ecstatic

CD (Dew Process)
A surprisingly ace outing from a bunch of Queenslanders, one that fuses rough and ready rock, pouty-indie and vaudevillian pop. Great times.
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6.Late Arvo Sons - Letters From Another Alphabet

Melbourne churns out garage punk bands like no other city, and Late Arvo Sons are one of the best. Letters From Another Alphabet didn’t stray too far from the iPod or office stereo for a long, long time.
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7.St Helens - Heavy Profession

A beguiling psychedelic-scuzz-grunge record executed to bastardized perfection. Love it.
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8.Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes

CD (Liberation)
Brilliant return from the legendary, shadowy auteur.
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9.Wagons - The Rise & Fall Of Goodtown

Rip-roaringly strange alt-country that takes the ‘alt’ out the back of the shed and whacks it around the head a couple of times with an axe handle.
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10.The Snowdroppers - Too Late To Pray

And you thought Australians were all no-culture convicts? Well… you were right. And The Snowdroppers will beat the crap out of you, nail your girlfriend, drink everyone else under the table and put on the best goddamn show you’ve seen this week. Convict-psychobilly-garage-rawk has never sounded so good.
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