Gjesteliste: Gay Against You

Duoen Gay Against You leverte på tampen av 2009 det som skulle bli en av deres aller siste konserter sammen. Joe Howe fortsetter imidlertid med sitt prosjekt, Ben Butler & Mousepad, og vil snart være aktuell på norske dødpop med sin første syvtommer. Mens vi venter kan vi hygge oss med Howes høydepunkter fra 2009:

Hudson Mohawke - Butter

CD (Warp)
Totally mad production, ultra glossy and slippery. The perfect debut from this Glasgow guy!
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Synergy - Games

CD (Passport Records)
Not strictly new, but new to me this year - 1979 album by Larry Fast, who played for Genesis and Peter Gabriel. Speedy, rocking and synth-y!
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Diverse artister - Harmonia: International Skweee Vol. 2

CD (Harmonia)
Right up to date, Harmonia brings the best in skweee for 2010. Superfonky.
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Chain and the Gang - Down With Liberty... Up With Chains!

CD (K Records)
Svenonius' latest is funny and thoughtful. See Cryptacize for hummability factor also.
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Antipop Consortium - Fluorescent Black

CD (Big Dada)
Unexpected return. Weird beats, skewed raps. Makes me think of how good 2003 was, in a good way.
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Genesis - Duke

CD (Charisma / Atlantic)
A big influence on me this year - story arc, great keyboards. I'm even beginning to appreciate Phil Collins (a bit).
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Cryptacize - Mythomania

CD (Asthmatic Kitty)
We saw these guys in a tiny basement in Berlin. Classy record, great tones and construction. Was humming this from April till June pretty constantly.
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Deerhoof - Offend Maggie

CD (Kill Rock Stars)
Deerhoof always make the best albums. Great power and dynamics in this one, as well as fantastic tunes.
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Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives

Probably the overriding soundtrack of my year, from cold January in Aberdeen to now.
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Siriusmo - The Uninvited Guest

Vinyl 12"
Surprising production, slamming. Everything he does is great.
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Foto: Andrew Ellis


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