Gjesteliste: Larkin Grimm

Født i Memphis, vokst opp i kollektiv i Dahlonega, Georgia: Unge Larkin Grimm er en en de siste års mest særegne folk-prinsesser. Grimm er søster til Joe Grimm fra Wind-Up Bird, og har de siste årene delt scene med blant andre Devendra Banhart, Spires that in the Sunset Rise, Espers, Mi and L'au og Brightblack Morning Light.

Begge hennes to første plater har fått meget god mottagelse her på groove, og i 2008 venter vi i spenning på hennes tredje, utgitt på Michael Giras Young God records. En lovende smakebit er allerede lagt ut på Grimms MySpace.

1.Angels of Light - We Are Him

CD (Young God)
I used to be terrified of Michael Gira.

I listened to his music during some of the darkest hours of my life, like when I was in my last year at Yale University and my psychosis had gotten so bad that there was a whole colony of flying ants living in my bedroom and instead of killing them, I just bought one of those nets that they use in the tropics and I slept inside the net with thousands of ants crawling on the ceiling and flying through the air, and I was listening to Angels of Light.

Several years later, it turned out that Michael was a fan of my music, and he asked me to sing on his new album. When I met him he was about seven feet tall and his skin was like marble and he looked like the white devil. I imagine that this is how the Aztecs felt when they first met Spanish soldiers on horseback. I was so scared when I was in the studio that I had no idea how good this thing I was working on was going to turn out to be.

It wasn't until much later, when I had become friends with him and I saw him perform the songs live in New York City that I really understood their impact. This guy is a brilliant songwriter. I am deeply impressed, and this new album is one of his best.
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2.Bone Rattle - Mysterious Noise Tape

There used to be this band of anarchists in the Boston area who called themselves Dreamhouse and toured in a homemade bio-diesel bus and played shows under a tarp, wrestling and making all kinds of horrible noise. One of the members of the band carried a real live giant lizard. It was great, and all of us Dreamhouse fans were devastated when they broke up and published a posthumous LP that was packaged in pieces of the carcass of the much-loved tarp.

This September I was invited to a party in a filthy warehouse in Brooklyn where about ten noise bands were playing, and one of them was this band Bone Rattle. We were all on acid or mushrooms, and late in the night after most of the normal people had gone to bed, we were still awake and somebody handed me the microphone and I started hollering on that mic and talking to the spirit and showing off all of my gonzo dance moves, and Ryan from Dreamhouse, now calling himself Bone Rattle, was playing all sorts of great loops and making strange and beautiful noises with his giant machines.

I started playing the drums and we had a full-on jam that brought magic dust down from the ceiling of the cosmos. At the end of the night, Ryan gave me this amazing tape that I brought back to Michael Gira's house the next week. I put the tape into Michael's favorite vintage tape player and the music that came out was the most totally thrilling good noise I have heard in years. Then the tape got stuck in the player. Bone Rattle broke Michael Gira's favorite tape player.

I was too scared to tell Michael, for reasons I mentioned above, and I left the house without that tape, hoping that Michael wouldn't notice. Unfortunately, I doubt that any of us will ever be able to hear it again. It is obscure.

True beauty is hard to find.
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3.Kemialliset Ystävät - Kemialliset Ystävät

CD (Fonal)
Jan Anderzen, the mastermind behind Kemialliset Ystavat's radical chaos, is one of those people who is truly connected to hidden worlds and knows things that the rest of us will never understand.

He is a Pisces, and I think I asked him to marry me once when we had had about 17 beers and were watching the Jim Henson classic, The Dark Crystal. This album is his masterpiece, Jan's own Dark Crystal.

If you are one of those people who is actually able to listen to this band without going insane, it means that you have superior taste. Thurston Moore knows this and probably says that he loves this album.

The Wire magazine also claim to enjoy listening to it. Jan Anderzen is the Casanova of the Finnish Free Folk scene.
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4.The Dirty Projectors - Rise Above

CD (Dead Oceans)
Speaking of unlistenable, unlovable brilliance, here is example number one. I know for a fact that the jackals in the offices of hipster record labels responsible for producing bands like The Arctic Monkeys, Grizzly Bear and Klaxons are listening to this album on repeat and trying to find the best way to rip off Dave Longstreth's inscrutable genius. They would never actually sign Dirty Projectors to their label because Dave's talent is too hard to handle. Dig it.

By the way, I will give a free pot of boiled peanuts to the first person who can tell me which song on this album was written after I punched Dave Longstreth in the face. I have sent this guy to the hospital twice.
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5.Devendra Banhart - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

Okay, I had a heart to heart conversation with Devendra after I got back from an apprenticeship with a Shaman from the Amazonian Shuar tribe, and I asked Devendra to take more responsibility for the spiritual well-being of his fans, and then he made this ridiculous album.

Last time I saw him he gave me a tattoo and then he left me on a street corner in a bad neighborhood in Philadelphia and he went back to his fancy tour bus to watch Robocop with more fashionable people than me.

It's still a good album. Go Devendra.
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6.Björk - Volta

CD (Polydor)
Bjork is totally ripping off the Providence noise scene on this album, but that's cool. It's like what Madonna did with Vogue in the 80s, taking advantage of New York homosexuals who were too busy dying of AIDS to get famous.

Well, Bjork is bringing the anarchist noise aesthetic to the masses, and she did a beautiful job using my friends. This makes me feel closer to her. Good for Bjork. I think Chris Corsano needs to quit her band and get back to making his own music, and I hope she paid Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt some serious cash, because he is always broke. Bjork should just pay all of our rent and let us make music in these warehouses undisturbed, and we'll be her hit factory in Providence.
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7.M.I.A. - KALA

M.I.A. is the best. What can I say? She and Amy Winehouse should start a lesbian gang and overthrow the corrupt English Indie Rock Mafia. This badass woman inspires me. Dancing is the best way to avoid nuclear war. I love this woman.
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8.Marissa Nadler - Songs III: Bird on the Water

CD (Peacefrog)
The first time I met the genius behind this album, she told me she had just slit her wrists to scare her ex-boyfriend – she didn't cut deep enough to actually bleed to death - and he made her drive home dripping blood from her arms. Then she got naked at the party and asked me if she was fat and I was like, "No, you are super hot." She was. She is. I fell in love with her then and there.

Her mother is a real psychic with a house filled with crystals. Marissa actively practices witchcraft and has actually threatened to hex me if I reveal too many of her secrets, and she doesn't need to eat because she gets energy directly from the sun like an enlightened Indian guru. She is a character, all right.

Her album is really good, too. It is true death folk - closely related to Norwegian metal. I can easily imagine this woman burning churches and practicing ritualistic cannibalism.
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9.Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

CD (Island)
I haven't actually heard the album, but I have heard enough singles from the album played on the radio and in Starbucks coffeehouses that I feel like I might as well own it. I have no desire to buy the album, or even to illegally download it, but I have to admit that I am impressed by her moxy, her machismo, her rock n' roll attitude, and by the shameless commercialism of it all.
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10.Panda Bear - Person Pitch

CD (Paw Tracks)
Panda Bear is living in Lisbon with his new wife and baby and he's probably working his tail off on his music. This album is insane. I can't imagine the hours spent in front of a computer just to assemble these crazy cyborg songs. It is pretty good, and I can dance to it…sometimes. It sounds great over a giant stereo system at a club. It's a hit. It's like he is using his home computer to resurrect the Beach Boys as Frankenstein.
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